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Webinar: Medical Education in Pandemic


Sehr geehrte Studierende,

Im Rahmen der Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) veranstaltet die Chinese University of Hong Kong aus aktuellem Anlass ein Webinar zum Thema "Medical Education in Pandemics - Screen to Schreen or Face to Face" (siehe untenstehende Einladung inkl. Link).
Gerne möchten wir Sie auf diese Veranstaltung hinweisen und freuen uns über rege Teilnahme seitens der LMU!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Wencke Vonderhagen
Dekanat/ Akademische Internationale Netzwerke


Dear all,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical educators have continued to teach their students by adopting new methods in teaching and assessment. As educators, we believe in learning from experience. We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming medical education webinar where we will be sharing experiences from medical teachers and students around the world:
Click here to see what time the webinar will start where you are.

In this webinar, you will be enlightened to hear that bedside teaching may be possible, online education can be conducted interactively, and social distancing may still be compatible with face to face examinations. Most importantly, you can gain some insight into the readiness of our students to be doctors during the pandemic. We will have speakers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Details can be accessed via our website. (

Registration is free on a first come, first-serve Basis. Everyone is welcome:

Office of Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong